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How to Ruin Your TV Show in Five Easy Steps

1) Have a show with a fascinating premise, an imaginative setting, intricate plots, high stakes, and a potentially well developed cast? Ignore all of that and focus on relationship drama instead! Especially if it’s a love triangle. Then milk it for all it’s worth.

2) Make your show unnecessarily “darker and edgier” if it isn’t already, to the point where the heroes and villains become practically indistinguishable. Start off by killing the characters everyone likes and none of the ones everyone hates. Only do this for the shock value, and don’t let it influence the storytelling and characterization going forward, because then it would actually have a purpose.

3) Underestimate your audience’s ability to remember stuff that happened just a few episodes ago to contort a plot line into your liking or to drop it altogether. Remember, inconsistency is key.

4) Take screen time away from likable, compelling characters and give it to flat, annoying, useless ones. Or better yet, turn the good characters into bad characters as the series goes on. This is what TV Tropes calls Character Derailment.

5) Rehash storylines season after season with few changes in between. The audience will get the message loud and clear: “I’m officially out of ideas.”

Follow these steps, and you’ll be cancelled in no time!

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