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Twitching fingers
Racing hearts
Entranced by the chaos
Two struggle to survive
In a game of life and death
Who will win?
Tapping the trigger
Young soldier aims his weapon
Target locked
Finish him!
The enemy lies defeated
The victor rests for the next mission

The Story

Like dragging a whale
Back into the ocean
This is not an easy task
Drowning in a sea of possibilities
Losing consciousness
For weeks it seems
Plucking the hairs
From my dreams
To weave into a tapestry
Of an imagination
Running rampant
Into a spiral
The pen writes the words
The mouth doesn’t dare speak
And a story is born

Rise and Shine

Sailing through clouds of marshmallow fluff
Above a city of satellites
Gravity was no obstacle here.
Then a toxic fog blocked my vision
Fading in to a plastered ceiling
With the alarm chirping in my ears.
Muscles aching, eyes shot, spirit low,
Might not even go to school today.
I would go back to my dream instead
But a voice keeps pounding in my head;
“Get up! Get up! You have to get up!”
With a pair of invisible weights
Resisting the urge to stay in bed,
Feet slowly creak down the carpet stairs.

A Loyal Viewer

In the glowing darkness
Your glare is so bright
My eyes are hypnotized
By your square frame
And glassy gaze.
I’m glued to your every word
And picture and sound.
No matter what
My eyes are on you
Every day.

Help Wanted

I’m looking for work
Is anyone hiring?
I’ve searched high and low
It’s getting tiring.
I’ll do anything for money.
Weeding, washing
Dancing on a table
It’s not even funny.
I can work cheap as free
For quarters, or nickels, or dimes
Would someone please hire me?
Even in this economy?

Chocolate Cake

Where’s my chocolate cake?

Where’s my moist, warm, chewy chocolate cake
With ice cream and hot fudge on the side?

Don’t give me spearmint gum in an attempt to purge my cravings!

I want my chocolate cake!

And where are the cupcakes and cheesecakes and shortcakes?
Were they too stripped of their sweetness and processed into 1-calorie snacks?

There can be no party without cake!

What became of the cookies and brownies and cinnamon buns?
Remember when dessert used to be fun?
Now it’s just fruit salad and granola bars.

Get those strawberries out of the chocolate!
Bring out the donuts and pudding and pie!
I’ll eat ‘til I’m sick and I’ll get sick ‘til I die

And my last words will be, “Damn, that was good cake!”

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